College Coach Application 2024

PeerForward Summer 2024Workshop Volunteer Application 
Workshop Acknowledgement

Please read this section before moving on with the application:

PeerForward Workshops are often emotionally intense experiences, which are rigorously scheduled, yet highly rewarding. The intensive schedule may impede outside work or projects during the Workshop.

PeerForward volunteers are expected to honor the potential and abilities of ALL students and understand that these Workshops are designed to foster their success.

Before submitting an application, please review our privacy policy:

Transcript, Photo, and Review Portfolio Release

I also consent to the use of my  name, likeness, essay, and speech, whether written or spoken, in any audiotape, videotape, film, book, or photograph made at the Workshop, Training Camp, or any PeerForward program or event for any informational, instructional, and/or fundraising purposes of PeerForward, including the use of such media via dissemination through PeerForward’s websites and social media platforms.

I also give PeerForward permission to video record sessions in order to ensure the safety of all participants, quality of interaction and evaluate coaching techniques. The video file(s) will be treated with confidentiality and will only be accessed by PeerForward staff.  

Volunteer Release & Waiver of Liability and Indemnity



Acknowledgment of Volunteer Status


As a volunteer, I acknowledge and agree I am not an employee of PeerForward. I acknowledge and agree that I will not be eligible for any coverage under the Workers’ Compensation laws of the District of Columbia.


Assumption of Risk


I acknowledge and agree that any use of PeerForward facilities, services, equipment and premises (“Facilities”) and any participation in PeerForward programs and activities (“Programs”) comes with inherent risks including, but in no way limited to: (1) moderate and severe personal injury, (2) property damage, (3) disability, (4) death, and (5) sickness or disease including, without limitation, COVID-19. I voluntarily accept and assume full responsibility for these risks as well as any and all other risks of the use of Facilities and participation in Programs. I agree that I have full knowledge of the nature and extent of all such risks and am not relying on all such risks being described in this document.


Waiver, Release, Indemnification & Covenant Not to Sue


In consideration of the use of Facilities and participation in Programs I, the undersigned, agree that PeerForward, its officers, directors, agents, employees, volunteers, insurers and representatives (“Releasees”) will not be liable for any personal injury, property damage, disability, death, sickness or disease incurred by myself, my family members, dependents, or guests, including minors, however occurring including, but not limited to the negligence of Releasees. I understand that I will be solely responsible for any loss or damage, including personal injury, property damage, disability, death, sickness or disease sustained from the use of Facilities and participation in Programs.


I further agree, on behalf of myself and any and all legal successors and proxies, to release and HEREBY DO RELEASE, WAIVE AND COVENANT NOT TO SUE Releasees from any causes of action, claims, suits, liabilities or demands of any nature whatsoever including, but in no way limited to, claims of negligence, which I and any and all legal successors and proxies may have, now or in the future, against Releasees on account of personal injury, property damage, disability, death, sickness, diseases or accident of any kind, arising out of or in any way related to the use of Facilities or participation in Programs, whether that participation is supervised or unsupervised, however the injury or damage occurs, including, but not limited to the negligence of Releasees.


In further consideration of the use of Facilities and participation in Programs, I agree to INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS Releasees from any and all causes of action, claims, demands, losses, suits, liabilities or costs of any nature whatsoever, including claims of negligence, arising out of or in any way related to the use of Facilities and participation in Programs by myself, my family members, dependents or guests, including any minors.

PeerFoward Standards for Interacting with Youth

Addendum: Virtual Interactions with Youth

This addendum describes the minimum expectations that we hold for personnel who have virtual interactions with youth in  PeerForward programs. Virtual interactions may include the use of technology (e.g., e-mail, smart phones, text, learning management systems, online communications platforms, social media, etc.) to carry out program activities.

PeerForward Standards for Interacting with Youth apply to any interaction between youth between staff and volunteers, whether had in person, online, or via other technologies. Specifically, in virtual settings, our program staff and volunteers are expected to do the following:

      Limit virtual contact to purposes consistent with the program’s mission and/or for a clear educational, developmental, or health related purpose, in the presence of another staff member, and with the consent of the youth.

      Conduct all virtual interactions in a manner that promotes safety and complies with the general contact guidance outlined in the Standards, including:

o   Observing the Rule of Three in online meetings and all other virtual communications.

o   Using only program-sponsored email, phone, video conferencing, or social media platforms.

o   Avoiding text and electronic one-on-one communication between a single staff person and a youth. Instead, use technologies and platforms which are accessible by multiple staff members (e.g., a shared email inbox or a group chat functionality) and/or a youth’s parent.

o   Not engaging in purposeful communication or contact including phone or electronic communication or social networking with youth outside of sanctioned program activities.

      Treat all youth equitably, including ensuring equitable access to and support for any technology needed to fully participate in program activities.

      Proactively address harassment, bullying or other inappropriate conduct of youth participants.

      Never share sexually explicit online content with youth.

      Never record youth’s images or interactions with youth, except if explicitly allowed by your program and with all requisite consents in place. This includes video recordings of online interactions, screen captures, screenshots, or creating other photo or video records of youth.

      Be mindful of your online presence and the content shared publicly via your social media or other platforms.

      Ensure online and virtual interactions are conducted via safe, known platforms that limit risks to youth participants.


In the case of violations of the Addendum for Virtual Interactions, PeerForward will adhere to existing policies and procedures for corrective action. Actions taken will first and foremost consider the need to ensure the safety of youth participating in the program.


I have read the PeerForward Addendum for Virtual Interactions and I agree to abide by the standards as stated. I understand violations of the Addendum for Virtual Interactions may result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal. I acknowledge I am aware of my responsibilities and have received a copy of the Addendum for Virtual Interactions.

Background Information 

Personal Information

Additional Information

Additional Information
Background Information

                     Below are scenario questions to gauge your hands-on counseling experience: