Operations Specialist Application 2024

Thank you for applying as an Operations Specialist for a PeerForward Workshop! Applications will close on  Tuesday, February 27, 2024!

Workshop Acknowledgement
Please read this section before moving on with the application:

I am aware that Workshops are four-day events (Thursday-Sunday), however, Workshop Corps Staff are required to be present Monday through Sunday for training and Workshop prep. The Peer Support Specialist (part of the Alumni Support Team) is required to stay on campus during the entire Workshop.

Operations Specialists are provided with room and board during the Workshop. Approved travel expenses to and from Workshops are covered by PeerForward.

PeerForward Workshops are often emotionally intense experiences, which are rigorously scheduled, yet highly rewarding. The intensive schedule does not allow for outside work or projects during the Workshop.

All Workshop Corps Staff are expected to honor the potential and abilities of ALL students and understand that these Workshops are designed to foster their success. These Workshops also consist of a diverse group of students, volunteers, and staff members. All parties are responsible for collaborating respectfully and professionally.

Before submitting an application, please review our privacy policy:


Workshop Professional Development Acknowledgement

Dates to remember

May 3, 2024 - Welcome and Orientation (Virtual) 
June 6-9, 2024 - Alumni Support Team Professional Development Session (In Person) 


Anti-Discrimination Disclosure

There shall be no discrimination against an otherwise qualified adult by reason of disability, age, race, color, ethnicity, ability, military service, faith, gender, sexual orientation, personal appearance, pregnancy, genetic information, geography, political views, creed, national origin, or socioeconomic status.


In order to continue safeguarding our students in our care, College Summit, Inc. dba PeerForward, will conduct criminal background checks for new and re-registered users who will be serving in volunteer and seasonal contractor positions.  An applicant's gender and birth date are required in order to conduct a criminal background check. This information will be used solely for background check purposes and will not influence the applicant selection process beyond a criminal check.


As part of completing your application, you will not be placed with or allowed to serve in any positions until you have been approved for service based upon the results of your background checks. Should you be disqualified as a result of your background check, your ability to log into our system will be disabled.

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